ELiotEliot was first introduced to the world of audio engineering in the late 90s. As a teenager, there was always a 4 track lying around the house which became of high interest. After spending lots of time making basement recordings with the 4 track, his brother later introduced him to digital recording.

In 2004, Eliot was introduced to veteran engineer Drew Townson (BMA Best Producer 1994, Twang’em High, The Tullamores, The Fathoms, etc), owner/engineer at Flying Scotsman Productions. While assisting Drew on many sessions, Eliot had an opportunity to learn a lot about pro recording techniques as well as analog recording concepts.


Photo courtesy of Rev. Aaron Pepelis

After his time at Flying Scotsman, Eliot decided he would make his own way as an audio engineer. In 2008, Eliot began bringing bands into the 37′ Productions studio as a freelance engineer. Over the following three years – through hard work and diligent research – he refined his recording skills, many times working 24 hour sessions. Eliot was able to get premium results with limited resources, which allowed him to build a loyal client base, including Revocation (one of Spin Magazine’s top 10 bands to look out for in 2010).

After working with many of Boston’s best metal bands (Sexcrement, Dysentery, Composted, and many others), he was asked to join the 37′ Productions team as a staff engineer. Since that point, Eliot has been able to work with many great bands in many different genres as a producer, tracking/mixing engineer, and has been a drum technician for almost every session at 37’ Productions since its inception and continues to be one of New England’s most sought after metal producer/engineers.


Photo courtesy of Martina Rose Giannetti



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